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hi my dudes is there an actual ending to this? i've run thru pretty much all of the situations and choices, and i'm wondering if there is an ending, or it just continues forever to prove a point?

it's a really cute game!  i love the art and the moral!


i don't think there is I went trough everything and couldn't find a ending where you get with her

Creator here!  I can promise you that there is an ending.  However, I can't promise that you get the girl in the end...

oh yes

Wow i cant believe they made a game about 500 Days of Summer


fck i fell in love w/ luca WHOOPS

and by love I meant crush and really hoping i could get to know her...the message of this game is great, albeit a bit depressing to play (though I would never do anything like the portag's drastic shit in real life)